Question: Are the machines easy to use?

A: Yes they are very simple machines to use, and at delivery, each easy step of machine operation and refilling procedures are covered verbally by us to ensure a successful event. We will go over the directions on how to run the machine.  You can always call us if you have any questions. Our machines do not require ice for operation.

Question: How many drinks does each batch of mix make?

A: One batch of margaritas makes about 70- 9oz drinks. Piña Colada and Strawberry Daiquiri mix makes about 50-9oz drinks. Each batch will serve approximately 25 to 30 people.

0 to 50 Guests 1 Margarita Machine 1 to 3 mixes
50 to 100 Guest 1 Margarita Machine 3 to 4 mixes
100 to 150 Guests 2 Margarita Machines 4 to 5 mixes
150 to 200 Guests 2 Margarita Machines 5 to 6 mixes

Question: How long does the first batch take to freeze?

Under normal indoor conditions, the machines will freeze within an hour of operation. Outdoors setting may very depending on climate and placement.

Q: How do I clean it?

You do not need to clean the machine. We will take care of the machine cleaning after we have picked it up.

Q: Am I responsible for any damage done to the machine while I have it?

A: Yes. Once we put the machine in place and check that the unit functions, you are required to sign off that everything is ok.  You should check the machine for any obvious damage and note it before you sign. If we are aware of any damage it will already be noted. If something happens during your event, the machine doesn’t work properly or is damaged call us immediately at 512-799-3065. We are available 24-7.

Q: Can I use my own extension cord?

A: No. These machines require a larger gauge extension cord to function properly. We will supply our own extension cord if one is needed. The machine must be within about 25 ft from the outlet that is to be used.

Q: Can you bring the machine up stairs or in any other non-standard location?

When reserving a machine, make sure to tell us all the details of the location where you want the machine to be placed. We normally do not do stairs unless it is a small stairway (1-6 steps). Please explain where you need the machine to be and we will make the final decision. If you have any more questions or concerns you can always call us!